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Play Ball!  How to Share Your Collection With the World

Technology is constantly inching the game of baseball and other sports beyond boundaries we never thought possible.  When you look at something as simple as a baseball glove and compare the earliest models which were little more than rough pieces of calfskin crudely sewn together to the technical marvels we have today, you see innovation is possible indeed.

Baseball glove sales topped 5 million units in the US, and more than $100 million dollars in the last decade and the revenue is growing.  So is interest in all aspects of the game.  If you’re wondering which brand is used by the majority of the MLB players, the answer is Rawlings, followed by Wilson.  There are all sorts of interesting facts and figures associated with America’s national pastime.  And there is no end to those who enjoy looking those facts and figures up to solve a bet, answer a question, or simply for bragging rights.

If you have a ton of sports stats and figures swirling around in your head, now is a good time gather them up and put them out on the web in the form of your very own website.  It’s easier than you think, because all you need to do is enlist the services of Groupon to get money saving coupon codes for Namecheap.  If you are baseball enthusiast, or have a collection you’d like to share with the world, don’t try listing the items one at a time on a dead-end site, share your passion with a personalized website so you can blog about them and build a following.  Not all sites have something to sell, some are just for information.  The good thing about Namecheap is they sell domain names so low you can buy several and still not feel the pinch.  Especially if you use a Groupon code to make your purchase.

Online auctions have brought vintage or even fantastic barn finds to the public’s eye.  These may have been stored away by family members who had no idea of the significance of the item they had in a drawer or up in the attic.  Antiques Roadshow is a perfect example of this.  Many people have brought baseball gloves and other memorabilia to the show they obtained from relatives who worked at ballparks and wound up with an old glove or jersey after a player was traded or retired.  They found it was valuable after taking it to the show.  When the provenance and everything lines up properly, thousands or tens of thousands of dollars or more can be the appraised value of a single baseball-related item.  So if you suspect you may possessa glove with a sweet spot that was once pounded upon by one of the legendary players of the game then get the word out there.  Use a Groupon for Namecheap and get your website started today so you can share your passion with the world.